housewarming party decoration ideas

You’ve found your dream home and have finally settled in. But don’t get too comfy yet. It’s time to match your fabulous house with a fabulous housewarming party!

You’re not one to be too boring, so you need to throw an amazing housewarming party. And having the best housewarming party decoration ideas is only the beginning.

If you’re looking to throw the housewarming party of the year, then look no further. Keep reading for 15 housewarming party ideas that’ll have your guest simply amazed!

1. Choose A Theme

Now that you’ve bought your home, let’s talk party planning.

If you don’t know how to plan a housewarming party and aren’t sure where to begin, the first thing on your list is to choose a theme. Setting a theme for your party can actually make the planning a whole lot easier, and themed housewarming parties give you a good foundation to build on.

Once you know what theme you want, you can plan decorations, foods, and games accordingly. You can choose from a beach theme, a sweets theme, and much more.

2. Plan For The Perfect Date And Time

When deciding on a date for the party, you’ll want to choose a day and time that’s least likely to conflict with your guests’ busy schedules. And you also want to plan for a date that best fits your life as well, so shoot for weekend slots and evening hours.

You’ll want to be happy and stress-free, and you’ll want your guests to be able to attend, so consider sending out emails asking what times or days work best for everyone.

And don’t forget to check the weather! Tune into your local news station or weather app and make sure you schedule your perfect party during perfect weather or plan on throwing the party during a weather-friendly season.

3. Crank Out Amazing Invitations

What’s another great way to ensure that your guests can make the party? Crank out some amazing invitations! You’ll want to give your guest about 2 weeks notice before the big day.

This is a good amount of time to let them know in advance without allowing for too much time to pass. If you send out invites too far in advance, then that gives them time to possibly forget.

If you have a theme planned for the party, then coordinate your invitations to match the theme. Also, consider making a note for guests to bring their friends with them. The more the merrier!

Plus, guests may be more willing to head over if they can bring a close friend along.

4. Pick Out Great Decorations

You don’t need to go too overboard with housewarming party decoration ideas. Again, stick with the theme that you’ve chosen and then go from there.

You can hang up a simple banner and place candles on the tables, which is a good idea if you want your newly mortgaged house to remain the focus of the party. And if you haven’t gotten the chance to fully unpack yet, don’t panic.

Your guests understand that everything is still fresh here because it is a housewarming party after all! But if you feel like you need to make it feel a little homier, then hang up some artwork or pictures on the wall.

You can also decorate countertops with flowers. These housewarming party decorating ideas are simple yet inviting.

5. Set Out A Guestbook

Set out a guestbook for your guests to sign. Visitors of any party love getting the chance to leave their mark. Make sure the book has space for names, signatures, and side notes.

There are a lot of unique guestbook ideas that make leaving a note tons of fun. Plus, it’ll act as a piece of memorabilia for your party, and it’s a great tool for remembering who came when filling out thank-you notes!

6. Craft The Menu

Generating a menu for your party is an amazing way to give it a little flare!

Now, no one expects you to whip up specific dishes for each guest, but having a list of main dishes, their ingredients, and where they’re located at in the kitchen is a way to really awe your guests. And it saves you from having to answer food-related questions.

As a heads up, consider offering gluten-free and vegetarian options as well.

And if you don’t feel like washing loads of dishes afterward, try using disposable dishes and silverware. There are fancy throwaway dishware and utensil options that are still environmentally friendly.

7. Add In Some Finger Foods

Aside from your main party dishes, provide several finger foods. You can have these passed out during the party. Or you can set them out throughout the house in areas where there are nearby chairs or a table.

And of course, don’t forget to offer a variety of options to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions. Try a platter of skewers separated by meats or all veggies. Deviled eggs, fruit and veggie trays, and cheese and crackers are also all good finger food options. If you can prep the food in advance, it will make your job much easier as guests begin to arrive.

8. Supply A Variety Of Drinks

If you’re throwing any kind of party, you’ll need to supply a variety of drinks and be sure to have a good mix of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Water stations are always good to have around for the non-drinkers and can be made festive by adding fresh fruit and/or herbs. A few of my favorite combinations – pineapple and mint, strawberry and rosemary, and lemon and fresh ginger.

Juice boxes are good to have handy if you’re expecting children to attend. For the drinkers in the bunch, a big-batch cocktail punch is a great and more frugal option. But if you’re afraid of ruining those brand new carpets and couches, then stick to champaign and sparkling water!

9. Provide Entertainment

You can’t go wrong with an awesome playlist because creating ambiance is key when throwing a party. So, depending on your budget, consider booking a local DJ or band to set up outside.

Create a space for a dance floor where adults and children alike will have a blast! If contacting a source of entertainment isn’t an option for you, then consider making your own playlist.

A benefit of putting your own music list together is that you’re in complete control of the mood, and no one will know you and your guests as well as you do. Just make sure that you add enough songs to last the whole length of the party. Nothing is more of a mood killer than sudden silence or listening to the same songs over and over again.

10. Put Together Party Games

Party games at your housewarming party may not be at the top of your priority list, but having a couple of games set up will make your party stand out and keep guests engaged! And inviting friends and family for a housewarming game night will really give your new house a sense of home.

The ideal types of games or activities are ones that don’t require everyone or a lot of people to play and don’t require a lot of time. You also want them to be appropriate for all ages. Consider having karaoke or card games scattered around. If the weather is good, cornhole is always a winner!

11. Establish A Designated Smoking Area

Establish an area designed for smokers at the party, and hang a cute sign near the area so everyone is aware. This keeps smokers from feeling unsure of where to go.

And it also keeps all the smoking in one place. This way, those who don’t smoke won’t be affected by it and those who do will feel comfortable knowing that they’re in a designated smoking space. It’ll keep everyone happy!

12. Choose A Safe And Out-Of-The-Way Place For Gifts

If your guests are nice enough to bring you a housewarming present, then you’ll want to have a spot for them that’s safe and out of the way. This ensures that nothing will be knocked into or broken, and it also shows that you’re not centering the party around receiving gifts.

But don’t worry too much about opening gifts at the party. Sitting around while watching someone open presents can get quite boring, so save the presents for last or open them after guests leave.

You can always keep tabs of who gave what and write thank-you notes.

13. Assign A Door Greeter

Assigning a door greeter for your housewarming party is an excellent way to make a statement. If there’s an especially social or warm family member that would love to greet each guest as they enter, then assign this job to them. If you can’t find a family member or friend to take up the task, then consider hiring someone (budget willing).

Door greeters can collect coats and hats while welcoming guests to the party. You can also hang a welcome or greeting sign at the entrance.

14. Leave Your Guests With Party Favors

Your guests will never forget your housewarming party after being given an awesome party favor! Send your guests home with personalized water bottles, bottle openers, or champagne toppers. They’ll be a constant reminder of your awesome party.

15. Send Out Thank-You Notes

Never forget to send out thank-you notes! Make them personal by thanking each guest for the specific gift that they brought or fun time that they offered, but don’t feel obligated to write a whole speech.

Chances are guests won’t want to read a long note. Keep it short, simple, and to the point, and let them know that you’re excited to see them next time.

Housewarming Party Ideas Every Party Guest And Host Will Love

If you’ve recently purchased a new home or are planning on purchasing a new home soon, then you don’t want to miss out on throwing an awesome housewarming party! Follow these housewarming party decoration ideas, and your party will be a hit.

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