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East Columbia is a paradise for green lovers and golf enthusiasts alike! Not only is the neighborhood home to three distinct courses – namely, the Columbia Edgewater Country Club, Portland Meadows Golf Course, as well as Delta Park – but it also features an additional two clubs just outside its eastern and western boundaries. More than that though? East Columbia plays host to the breathtakingly beautiful 28-acre Columbia Children’s Arboretum which not only displays stunning trees planted by local students –but serves up plenty of family fun too!

This scenic neighborhood is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts to put down roots. With its stunning views of the Columbia River and nearby parks, along with plenty of opportunities to golf or explore oceanic activities, it’s understandable why this area has come into its own as a more upscale neighbor compared to Bridgeton – home to some of East Columbia’s best-known marine facilities!

The types of homes you will find in East Columbia depend on the part of the neighborhood in which you look. Some areas are quite transitional, while others offer impressive, beautiful homes. While there isn’t too much in the way of businesses, restaurants and shopping options right in East Columbia, you can access these areas through just a quick drive. There is the Jantzen Beach Shopping Center, which has a Target and Safeway, as well as the New Seasons in the Arbor Lodge area.

Parks / Golf Course:

Columbia Children’s Arboretum
The Columbia Children’s Arboretum, a Portland City Park, stands on land originally owned by the old Columbia School District and marked as a possible site for a new high school in the 1920s. The area was taken in by Portland Public Schools in 1964. Students from the local middle school, which served a lower income and very transient neighborhood, began working here under the GROW program, part of a hands-on approach to science. The brush was cleared, orchards, trees, and organic gardens planted, and the 50 state trees project was begun. However, in 1983, the Columbia Middle School was closed and the interest in the park dwindled as the site became a magnet for homeless campers. Portland Parks purchased the acreage from the public schools in 1999 and began a rehabilitation effort with the help of local volunteers. Many of the state trees have been replanted and new signage has been posted. This quiet haven is now an inviting enclave for tree lovers and school groups among the industrial expanses of North Portland.

Nearby Parks:

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