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Nestled in the heart of Northeast Portland, The Lloyd District is named after Ralph Lloyd – a Californian rancher and oilman who left an indelible mark on this bustling neighborhood. Boasting commercial hubs to rival Central Portland’s iconic cityscape and sustainability initiatives that have propelled it into its status as the region’s first eco-district, there is much for visitors to explore!

The Lloyd District is kind of “suburbia in the city.” It’s dominated by a large shopping mall, the Lloyd Center (with its own indoor ice skating rink!), plus a lot of chain restaurants. The Oregon Convention Center is in the area too as is the Rose Garden Arena where the Portland Trailblazers play and many of the big rock concerts are held. It’s a busy area when there’s an event going on but kind of dull otherwise. No one will confuse this area with the buzz of the Pearl District or the historic feel of the old neighborhoods; Lloyd is almost entirely newer development and retail, with virtually no stand-alone houses.

For those looking to reduce their reliance on driving, the Lloyd District offers a great opportunity. With MAX fareless square in full swing, you can quickly reach anywhere from downtown Portland – for free! Whether it’s business or pleasure that takes your fancy; hop onboard and go get exploring without burning any petrol!

The Lloyd District consists of nearly all multi-family housing with virtually no stand-alone houses. Several high-rise apartment complexes stand along the Holladay Street Corridor. In addition to the wide variety of apartment complexes, there are many condos in this location for those interested in urban home ownership. Public transportation provides residents easy access to anywhere in the city via Tri-Met bus routes and Light Rail Max lines.

Shopping Malls/ Establishments:

  • Lloyd Center Mall 
    ​Belonging to the Glimcher Company, based out of Columbus, Ohio, Lloyd Center will not disorient the out-of-town visitor to be sure, which is doubtless why its location works so well.  But features like Stanford’s Restaurant and Bar, owned by the Portland based Pacific Coast Restaurants’ family of businesses give a shout out to at least the idea of local while the concourse’s gigantic ice skating rink is a more sensational reminder of bygone social spaces and promenades than the typical mall offerings of children’s play area/germ fests and faux foliage.
  • Elmer’s Flag & Banner, Kites Too!
    Since banners typically wave in an eye-catching invitation to step closer, an entire store of them – plus flags, plus kites – simply does not let you walk past without entering.  11,000 square feet of showroom and warehouse space, including room for their own sewing and repair, Elmer’s Flag & Banner, Kites Too! offers the largest selection of flags in the entire world, most of them onsite: International, American, American historical, military, sports, nautical, fun.  Their banner selection likewise runs from animals to landscapes to floral to seasonal. The Kites Too! side of the business is also amped, featuring single line kites, stunt kites, traction kites, themed kites.
  • Emily Jane
    Emily Jane – making lemonade from lemons, local jewelry design artist, Jane McLellan, began her beloved jewelry business during dot.com layoffs that forced her to re-org her life.  In seven years, that lemonade has been sweetened with international recognition, celebrity clientele, and spotlights in top fashion magazines. In addition to Jane’s artful jewelry, the business carries vintage cowboy boots, local leather, and a line of denim.
  • Hot Box Betty
    Not quite a box, the 300 square foot sales area of Hot Box Betty is, let’s just say, cozy.  But size only matters when it comes to fit, and they manage to chock the place full of fashion favorites in a variety of sizes in a shop that, amazingly, doesn’t feel cramped or crazy.  They carry accessories as well, and deals are to be found.
  • Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Café
    We normally don’t do chains, but Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Café has over 600 locations worldwide and only four in America, of which the Portland site is one, in such company as Cairo, Amsterdam, and Paris.  Guess word’s gotten out we like our coffee.


  • Holladay Park is nestled right outside the boundaries of the Lloyd District. The park is relatively small, but full of Portland charm. Take your dog on a walk along the paved paths, watch your children play in the fountain, and enjoy public art.

Coliseum / Convention Center:

  • The Rose Quarter
    The prized, enormous Rose Quarter complex is located in the heart of Portland’s Lloyd District and is comprised of the 12,000 seat Memorial Coliseum, the 6,500 seat Theater of the Clouds, the 40,000 square foot Exhibit Hall, and the Rose Quarter Commons.  Finally, the Rose Garden Arena is Portland’s largest indoor venue at 19,980 seats, and it is home to the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, the Western Hockey League’s Winter Hawks, and the National Lacrosse League’s Portland LumberJax as well as many major other indoor events and concerts.​
  • Oregon Convention Center
    The 17-acre campus hosts the largest convention center in the Pacific Northwest with two grand ballrooms, 50 meeting rooms, and 250,000 square feet of exhibit space.  As if a flagship for the green tide in Portland, the OCC is the first convention center in America to receive the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification as an existing building.  A one-stop-does-it-all affair, the Oregon Convention Center provides services from audiovisual, lighting, and electrical concerns while you’re there to booth cleaning after you’re gone to pole banner advertising before you ever arrive.  And they are handily equipped to handle events for 10 to 10,000.

Nearest Gyms:

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