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Woodlawn is a great, old neighborhood finally coming into it’s own. Woodlawn neighborhood is the oldest settled area in the old Albina area — now referred to as the Woodlawn Historic District. Initially settled in the 1860’s as a rural farming village, it was the only independent town that existed outside the city of Albina (now Portland).

Woodlawn’s character changed dramatically in 1888 when the railroad running from Portland to Vancouver located a train station in the center of the village. This connection to a larger market stimulated commercial and residential development. The commercial uses centered around the train station with homes development surrounding the city center. The train depot was located at the intersection of today’s Durham and Dekum avenues and the station’s waiting room was built in the middle of a triangular park which is still present today. The newest addition to the commercial triangle is a LEED Platinum remodel of a historic building housing a company that makes high quality, locally sourced, organic foods for local businesses. Light and heavy industrial businesses flank the current train route, as do a variety of businesses that need space, such as plant nurseries.

​Woodlawn is a commonly overlooked neighborhood as it seems somewhat tucked away. Bordering industrial north and northeast Portland, Woodlawn really is a little gem of a neighborhood which is being slowly but surely built into a wonderful family oriented neighborhood. New businesses have popped up in the last few years such as: Woodlawn Coffee and Pastry and Breakside Brewery are local hangouts and area favorites. Others like the Good Neighbor Pizzeria shop and The Firehouse, are well known staples having weathered the early dormant years. The Firehouse is a must-visit restaurant, well known for their excellent wood-fired pizzas and amazing locally sourced dishes served in a beautiful and unique dining setting.

Woodlawn School is connected to the Community Garden which is connected to Woodlawn Park -which is complete with a fun water feature and big basketball court- making for a huge neighborhood gathering area. Nearly all the businesses in Woodlawn are locally owned.

Woodlawn boasts a wonderful view of Vancouver, Washington at night. There are over 14 buildings on the historic registry in our small area.  Cyclists have often been the very few “outsiders” to navigate Woodlawn as once one knows the diagonals, Woodlawn is an excellent cut-through when coming from Jantzen Beach or other northern destinations. One would gather that it’s also a neighborhood that is home to cyclists, as “Share the Road” and “My other car is a bike” bumper stickers abound. Cyclist residents enjoy the calm streets and proximity to downtown (4 miles).

In the 1920’s, paved major roads, the improved automobile and a bridge between Vancouver and Portland gave residents more shopping options and businesses in Woodlawn were either swept aside for housing or converted to factories. Woodlawn is 15 minutes travel time by car to Washington, 10 minutes to the Portland International Airport, 15 minutes to downtown Portland and 15 minutes to excellent shopping malls in good traffic conditions. Woodlawn is well served by buses and freight trains glide by at the base of the bluff. Some residents move here because they love the sight and sound of trains. Many residents commute by bicycle to their jobs.

Woodlawn is mostly residential, with Queen Annes, Craftsman bungalows, and an influx of modern infill housing and condos. Some of those homes are occupied by families who have lived in Woodlawn for six generations.

Schools in the Neighborhood:


  • Woodlawn Coffee & Pastry
    Cozy coffeehouse & bakery using seasonal, organic ingredients to make savory & sweet meals all day.
  • Breakside Brewery
    Industrial-style brewpub with a patio & a vast list of craft beers & elevated American eats.
  • Good Neighbor Pizzeria
    From-scratch, thoughtfully sourced pies in a bustling brick setting with a bar & outdoor seats.
  • Firehouse Restaurant
    Wood-fired pizzas & other Italian eats served in an old firehouse with an open kitchen & courtyard.


  • Woodlawn Park
    This Northeast Portland park’s facilities include a basketball court, disabled access play area, disabled access restroom, paved paths, picnic tables, a playground, soccer field, softball field, splash pad and stage.
  • Woodlawn Park Amphitheatre
    A sizable park featuring views of Mt. St. Helens AND Mt. Adams. There are play areas for kids and dogs, a large ‘figure-8’ set of paved walkways leading into the neighborhood, a city community garden, plenty of grassy areas for a picnic under tall trees and excellent people watching.

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