Government home loans are programs that help individuals experience home ownership that couldn’t otherwise acquire financing.

FHA Loans

The benefit of utilizing the FHA loan program typically lies in credit requirements which are less strict and a Down Payment requirement of only 3.5% – which can be gifted to the borrower. First Time Home Buyers and the seasoned Home Owners alike can benefit from this program.

VA Loans

The VA loan program allows our valued Veterans to utilize the benefits they have earned when purchasing or refinancing their homes. This program can be used in a refinance transaction not only for interest rate reduction, but for cash-out purposes as well.

USDA Rural Development Loans

Your home, or the home you are interested in purchasing may qualify for the USDA RD program – even within city limits. Ask your loan officer whether your home falls within qualifying areas. You may be able to take advantage of this program which allows ZERO DOWN on some purchase transactions and up to 102% of the homes value* on refinance transactions.

Reverse Mortgage Loans

The Reverse Mortgage allows you to withdraw equity in your home, use it as you like while you live in the home and when you are ready to sell the home, the loan is then repaid. You must be 62 years or older, the home must be your primary residence and the home must meet HUD guidelines.
*Loan amounts exceeding the value of the home may not be allowed for certain tax deductions. Consult your CPA or tax preparation professional regarding this information.

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