Marshall Park Neighborhood


Marshall Park’s abundance of natural wonders makes it a verdant escape from the bustle and hustle of everyday life. Just south of Barbur Blvd and I-5, this Southwest Portland neighborhood has plenty to offer with its namesake park as well as Jensen Natural Area close by – plus Maricara Nature Area within arm’s reach before you even get to Tryon Creek State Park in the southwest corner!

Marshall Park is a great place to hike, with miles of trails cutting through the wilderness. Marshall Park sits within a canyon created by Tryon Creek, and features a waterfall, an amazing stone bridge, and lots of other natural features to explore. This is a strictly residential community, there are no stores or restaurants within Marshall Park itself, but they are all close by.

Homes surrounding the park have a decidedly suburban feeling. This neighborhood leaves plenty of land between neighbors, and seems worlds away from the other denser urban communities closer to the city center. Homes here are priced higher than average, but if you are someone who prefers a more rural neighborhood, then Marshall Park may appeal to you. Residents here are mostly professionals with kids and/or older couples.

Marshall Park stands out from the rest with its eclectic mix of homes. Here, you won’t find two houses alike – it brings together suburban and rural lifestyles for a truly unique living experience!

Nearby Parks:

Marshall Park
Rustic park set in the middle of a canyon with wooded hiking trails, picnic areas, accessible play area, natural area, paths – unpaved and playground.

Burlingame Park
Includes accessible play area, paths – unpaved, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, and softball field.

Maricara Natural Area
Includes natural area, and trails – hiking.

Jensen Natural Area
Includes natural area.


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