Parkrose Neighborhood


The Parkrose neighborhood of East Portland is a thriving hub of activity, located between the Sumner, Argay and Parkrose Heights neighborhoods. While once rural in nature until 1925 when it was identified as “one of the most progressive and promising commuting districts on the eastern border,” today it’s bustling with commuters drawn by all that’s available within this dynamic community.

Parkrose is located very close to the airport and near major roads such as Columbia and Sandy. It is a mix of residential suburban living while being close to shopping and other amenities and within a very easy drive to the Portland International Airport. Parts of the neighborhood also have a very family-friendly feel, particularly near the community garden or Senn’s Dairy Park, a nice smaller park with a newer playground. This is definitely a neighborhood whose character changes block by block.

This unique community oozes charm and nostalgia, showcasing a fascinating range of architectural styles. You could find yourself living in an old ranch house one day, or enjoying the sleek modern aesthetic of another – all while basking in neighborhoods that are lovingly cared for by their happy inhabitants!

Nearby Parks:

Senn’s Dairy City Park
Senn’s Dairy Park is named for the family-owned business that operated on the site years ago. PP&R and community leaders worked through obstacles, including possible contamination by leaks from an underground fuel storage tank, to develop this site. The Portland Brownfields Showcase Program, a generous environmental contractor named Pat Brady, schoolchildren, neighbors, and community service volunteers all pitched in to build the park. The master plan calls for an entirely native landscape, a grassy lawn with benches and picnic table, a walking path, a playground, and community garden plots. This project demonstrates a successful partnership; the community and city staff working together to create a unique neighborhood asset.

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