Becoming The #1 Agent In Your Area
March 19th, 2019 | 9 AM PT

On the next live Agent Mastermind, we have a special guest, Monica Breckenridge, Realtor Extraordinaire and owner of the Pink Realty Brokerage & Franchise. Since June 2015, Monica has been the #1 real estate agent in Colorado Springs with the most transactions closed, most listings, most listings sold personally, and most buyers closed. In 2014, Monica was the #1 agent in the state of Colorado and #22 of real estate agents nationwide for most sales, as seen in the Wall Street Journal. To this day, she is still the #1 Real Estate Agent in Colorado, and the #4 Agent in the Nation for the most transactions, as reported by Real Trends. Customer Service has always been her top priority! Monica will share with you how the relationships with her clients last a lifetime. What kind of closing gifts and freebies her team showers her clients with. The secret to keeping in touch with her past database.

Monica will also teach you how to treat your customers the way you would want to be treated. Another great topic Monica will cover is how she puts a lot of dedication into her clients helping make their homes look fabulous for sale. By taking care of her clients, Monica’s team has generated numerous repeat business, in 2016 alone her clients referred 95 people to her team.

A few more key topics that Monica will cover on this live Agent Mastermind:
1. How she got her start
2. How she collects the best reviews in the industry
3. How she brands Pink Realty
4. Some of her best business practices like Pop-By’s

P.S. I’VE GOT YOUR BACK!!! If you get busy and can’t make the live class (which is always best as these classes are meant to be interactive) don’t worry. The class is normally recorded and I can send you the replay! Just reply back to this email if you need me to send it to you! SEE YOU TUESDAY!

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