Sunnyside Neighborhood


Sunnyside is a vibrant, creative neighborhood in Southeast Portland that stands out for its artistry and innovative repurposing of anything from car garages to restaurants into livable homes. Wander the streets here and you’ll find colorful murals breathing new life into old buildings. Plus, at Sunnyside Environmental School students have taken sustainability teaching even further with gardening projects, woodworking classes and more!

Sunnyside also boasts incredible shopping and food choices. Hawthorne’s proximity and accessibility to the entire Sunnyside neighborhood allow easy commutes to the thrift stores and coffee shops lining Hawthorne. Sunnyside also claims the Belmont shopping district lined with great cafés, art galleries and shops, as well as a true southeast landmark: Electric Castle’s Wunderland. This area has an artsy and free vibe overall.

Welcome to Sunnyside, a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood where you can find urbanites driving smart cars next to restored classic homes. A place that embraces eco-friendly living with front yards made of vegetable gardens. You’ll spot tons of character in the funky colors and decor while exploring 20th-century architectural styles like Bungalows, Old Portland, Cape Cod and Four Square houses – plus modern-day condos & apartments too!

Nearby Parks:

Sunnyside School Park
Includes accessible picnic area, accessible play area, basketball court, paths – paved, picnic tables, playground, softball field, and statue or public art.

Sewallcrest Park
Includes accessible play area, basketball court, dog off-leash area, paths – paved, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, and softball field.

Laurelhurst Park
Includes accessible picnic area, accessible play area, accessible restroom, basketball court, dog off-leash area, historical site, horseshoe pit, paths – paved, paths – unpaved, picnic site – reservable, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, statue or public art, tennis backboard, tennis court, and volleyball court.

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