Maintaining a clean and orderly home can, at times, be a lot of work. This extends to the overall health of the house too, not just the appearance. As a homeowner, you’ll have many responsibilities you’ll need to take on. It’s likely a huge chunk of your savings went into this property, so this will be your home for years to come. Home maintenance tips in Portland, Oregon are very important, you need to take good care of your home as it’s considered the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Just like a car, a home needs to have regular check-ups to make sure that nothing is wrong. Once one thing breaks, the rest will eventually need to be repaired, as well. This domino effect will only be more costly in the long run. Whether you’re currently a homeowner or planning to do some home buying in Portland, these tips will help to keep your home in great shape.

Have Professionals Check on the House Quarterly

One of the most important home maintenance tips for Portland homeowners would be to hire professionals to perform regular check ups on the house. Even if you have a fair bit of knowledge on plumbing, electricity, or AC unit repair, it’s better to hire professionals to give the home a nice thorough look through. Plumbing and electricity are the most important as they can be detrimental and quite catastrophic to a house if any damages are caused. It’s best to have professionals check on the house quarterly at best. While this may sound expensive, whatever mistakes they find they can be quickly fixed for it tumbles into a bigger problem.

This maintenance schedule will help ensure that your home will stay in good repair so it can continue to last. Homes need vigilance, so it’s best to understand that having your home evaluated through professionals a couple of times a year will keep your home in tip-top shape. Just remember, a home is an investment and the property value can only increase as long as the house maintains its good shape.

Hire a Landscaper to Check on the Health of the Yard

While many homeowners enjoy doing the curb appeal by themselves, it can be very helpful to hire a professional landscaper. Landscapers have the tools and experience to test out the soil to see what nutrients are needed and what the proper care is to allow the lawn to thrive. While the grass may be greener on the other side, or in your neighbor’s yard, it doesn’t have to be with the right professional knowledge and experience. Landscapers can also help homeowners in formulating ideas on what can help the house look the best.

Curb appeal has been proven to assist with increasing the value of a home. This simple and affordable method can do wonders. The outside of a house is the first impression that is made of the people living on that property. It’s best to make it count by having regular outdoor maintenance of the home by planting flowers, cutting the grass, and adding greenery that complements the exterior of the home.

Clean Regularly

Some important home maintenance tips for Oregon homeowners would be to regularly keep your house clean. This may be obvious but having a clean home can help with home buying in Portland. Once you begin looking into selling your home, the cleanliness of the house will help with increasing the property value. If you or the rest of the household is too busy to get to regular deep cleanings then hiring a housekeeping or deep cleaning service could help a lot. It’s important to clean even the deepest of nooks and crannies as this can help prevent mold, bugs, and rodents such as mice. It can also help to spot small maintenance issues before they become larger ones.

Fix Things as Soon as They Break

Since you’ve used a reliable home mortgage lender in Portland like the Lindley Team, to help finance your home, you’ll most likely have an understanding of the true value of the home and why it needs to be in good shape at all times. Once you’ve noticed something is broken, have it repaired or replaced immediately. If you notice a pipe is leaking, it’s best to call a plumber, or if you see sparks coming from an electrical socket then you need to contact a professional for that as well. Some things can lead to much larger and more expensive issues down the line. A broken pipe could lead to mold and cause a weak infrastructure in the house. While broken or sparking outlets could potentially cause a fire.

Don’t Carelessly Upgrade

While it can be very tempting to begin making upgrades on your home, such as extending the square footage, it’s crucial to know that Portland has regulations when doing these types of upgrades. It’s best to know and understand that you cannot just begin upgrading your new home just because you want to. Even if you have a mortgage lender in Portland, and have all the funds to do so, it’s far more complicated than just that. You’ll need to have proper guidance, possible permits, and you’ll also have to check the city of Portland for their codes and regulations. Without doing the proper research and preparation could result in a costly fine.

Keep up with Local Building Codes

Building codes are being improved every year as technology is becoming more advanced. These building codes are meant to keep people safe and have uniform guidelines that protect home buyers. It’s important to adhere to building codes as they will not only keep your family safe, but are also meant to help keep your home strong. It’s best to annually look into building codes to see what changes have been made. If you own or are looking to purchase a newly built Portland home, then you can be sure that you won’t need to worry about the structural integrity of the house. While it’s true that keeping up with building codes can be expensive, it is worth it in the long run. Building codes don’t make massive changes every year, usually every 5 to 10 years at most. In the end, it’s worth it to have a beautiful home that can last for years to come.

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