Having a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP)  on your professional divorce team, who understands the financial subject matter of real estate and mortgage financing in a divorce situation, maybe invaluable to all parties. The ability to illustrate financial insight and understanding of various support income sources, real property ownership types, asset division, etc. as they all relate to divorce and mortgage financing may help to resolve settlement issues pertaining to the refinance of the marital home or obtaining future mortgage financing.

CDLPs can provide information but they cannot in their roles provide legal or financial advice to either party. CDLPs have the knowledge to help all parties involved understand the options available as well as the hurdles that may exist when divorce, real estate, and mortgage financing intersect. Many mortgage underwriting guidelines exist that pertain specifically to matters of divorce which may make obtaining future mortgage financing a struggle.

The ability to make an informed decision regarding the options available to the divorce clients along with the advice of their respective divorce attorneys will have a positive long term impact on all parties involved.

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