There is a big variety of homes in Portland, Oregon. If you’re home buying in Portland, things can get a little overwhelming when trying to figure out what you want. There are plenty of options in this city, but what exactly suits you? This guide will help you understand the different types of houses that are available in and around the Portland area and if any of these types of homes are right for you.

Single Family House

Houses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles and are generally the go-to type of dwelling when it comes to home buying in Portland. Houses come in different almost every style imaginable and can offer so different amenities, such as: a driveway, garage, lawn, backyard, and so much more. If you’re looking for a mortgage lender in Portland then be sure to look at Tammi Lindley Team. This group of professionals can help you discover the mortgage option that’s right for you and the type of home you’re looking at. It’s important to make smart choices when searching for the right mortgage and home, the Tammi Lindley Team can help you with that.

Houses are ideal for a family of any size. It mostly depends on the homebuyer’s preference and how much space they’re after. Some houses have one bedroom which is excellent for couples or a single person. While other houses can have more than three bedrooms which is ideal for any big family.


Condos, and other co-ops, are apartment-style homes that are mostly for sale rather than for rent like a traditional apartment. Condominiums can, at times, differ from traditional apartments as these are typically more modern. Depending on real estate or property developers, the homeowners may be expected to be regularly involved in activities and governance of a Homeowners Association (HOA) within the building. When you’re purchasing a condominium, you’re only purchasing a unit within the building itself.

This means that you become a small owner in the corporation that owns the building. Since this would be the case, many condominiums require interviews for potential homebuyers first, before the purchasing process can begin. So there will most likely be limitations to making changes to the interior such as building walls or changing the railing for the balcony. Condominiums are excellent for young couples and newlyweds who are looking to purchase their first home with the help of a mortgage lender in Portland.


Many people believe that apartments are always a rent-only option, but that’s far from the truth! Apartments are one of the most common types of housing today, you’re sure to find apartments in urban areas rather than rural or suburban. These multi-family homes can come with their nice perks such as great views of the city, a commons area, balcony, and so much more. Apartment buildings are combinations of many separate homes, some buildings have owners and renters mixed. A drawback to an apartment would be the location, lack of space, and lack of privacy. Another drawback would be the lack of maintenance that is allowed to be done in an apartment such as changing cabinetry in the kitchen or removing walls.

Apartments can be great for large to medium-sized families, however, they’re most ideal for a single person or a new couple since the space in an apartment is so limited. If you’re someone who prefers to live in the city and be within walking distance to many businesses such as grocery stores and shops then an apartment is ideal.


When it comes to home buying in Portland, you’ll be met with plenty of townhouses. You’ll mostly find townhouses squeezed into the older parts of the inner city. These single-family homes will have two to three floors, and a basement included. Walking down any street with townhouses, you’ll notice that these are traditionally set side by side, forming a tight row with no spaces or alleys. These are built to squeeze in as much housing as possible into a densely populated area. Nowadays new townhouses in the outskirts of cities will have more space, but the traditional appearance is to have them squeezed next to one another.

Townhouses can be perfect for single persons up to large families. While the outsides give off the appearance that they’re cramped and on the small side, the inside is usually spacious and some also include a garden or a small backyard too.

Tiny Homes

Tiny homes have been making waves throughout Portland, Oregon, and the rest of the world, for that matter. Tiny homes are nontraditional homes that can be from 100 to 400 square feet in size. These sorts of homes are ideal for the individual or couple who are looking for a more sustainable life as these are far more environmentally friendly than a traditional house. Tiny homes come in at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home and they take up few resources as well. There are some mortgage lenders in Portland, like the Lindley Team, that can help if the homebuyer wants a tiny home.

Tiny homes are ideal for one person, however, some couples have been known to live together in these small spaces.

Manufactured Homes

This type of home is mostly found in lower income level areas such as the countryside or small towns. This form of housing is generally considered affordable as they’re considered to be quite “cookie-cutter”. There are many different types of manufactured homes such as single-wide trailers, doublewide trailers, but they can also come in the form of a modern styled house. Many manufactured homes are sold on a lot where homebuyers can visit and select the style, layout and features that they’re after. Once the homebuyer has selected the manufactured home of their liking, they can then begin searching for a Mortgage lender in Portland or elsewhere. Afterward, the mobile home will be transported to the home buyers preferred property.

This isn’t something that would be considered ideal for home buying in Portland, Oregon. However, if the homebuyer was planning to live outside of Portland such as a rural area, then this could be an excellent option. Manufactured homes come in different sizes from single-wide trailers to full 1 story homes. These can be excellent for single persons or even a family, as it all just depends on which type of manufactured home is selected.

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