Get To Know Portland

Get To Know Portland

Reviews of Portland’s Best Neighborhoods

So you are interested in buying a house in Portland but aren’t sure which neighborhood is right for you. We get it. You have 71 different great neighborhoods to choose from-choosing just one won’t be easy! Thankfully we can help you make the right choice even if you don’t have time to visit every single option.

To help we’ve put together a neighborhood-by-neighborhood review.

Below you’ll find 71 different reviews-one for each neighborhood. Each review covers the location, layout, feel along with highlighting what your school options are, local restaurants people love, what your parks situation is-and we also made sure to include notes on the closest dispensaries!

Alameda Neighborhood
Arbor Lodge Neighborhood
Argay Neighborhood
Arnold Creek Neighborhood
Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood
Boise Neighborhood
Brentwood-Darlington Neighborhood
Ashcreek Neighborhood
Bridgeton Neighborhood
Bridlemile Neighborhood
Brooklyn Neighborhood
Buckman Neighborhood
Cathedral Park Neighborhood
Centennial Neighborhood
Concordia Neighborhood
Creston-Kenilworth Neighborhood
Cully Neighborhood
East Columbia Neighborhood
Eastmoreland Neighborhood
Eliot Neighborhood
Foster-Powell Neighborhood
Select Glenfair Neighborhood Glenfair Neighborhood
Grant Park Neighborhood
Hayden Island Neighborhood
Hazelwood Neighborhood
Hillsdale Neighborhood
Hollywood Neighborhood
Home Loan Programs Portland
Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood
Humboldt Neighborhood
Irvington Neighborhood
Kenton Neighborhood
Kerns Neighborhood
King Neighborhood
Laurelhurst Neighborhood
Lents Neighborhood
Lloyd Neighborhood
Madison South Neighborhood
Maplewood Neighborhood
Markham Neighborhood
Marshall Park Neighborhood
Mill Park Neighborhood
Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood
Overlook Neighborhood
Parkrose Heights Neigborhood
Parkrose Neighborhood
Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood
Reed Neighborhood
Roseway Neighborhood
Sabin Neighborhood
Sellwood-Moreland Neighborhood
South Tabor Neighborhood
Sunderland Neighborhood
Sunnyside Neighborhood
University Park Neighborhood
Vernon Neighborhood
West Portland Park Neighborhood
Wilkes Neighborhood
Woodland Park Neighborhood
Woodlawn Neighborhood
Woodstock Neighborhood
Wilkes Neighborhood
Woodland Park Neighborhood
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